Install Docker on Raspberry Pi

What is Docker?

Docker is an open-source platform for developing, shipping, and running applications in containers. Containers are a way of packaging an application and its dependencies into a single unit, allowing it to run consistently on any system.

Docker enables developers to create and manage containers in a flexible and efficient manner, without having to worry about the underlying infrastructure. This makes it easier to develop, test, and deploy applications, as containers can be run locally on a developer’s machine, on a staging server for testing, and then in production environments.

Docker also provides a central repository for sharing containers, called the Docker Hub, making it easier for developers to share their work and collaborate with others.

Overall, Docker provides a flexible and efficient way of developing, shipping, and running applications, making it a popular choice among developers and organizations for deployment and management of their applications.

How to install Docker on Raspberry Pi?

To ensure that a Raspberry Pi is up to date, open a terminal window on the Raspberry Pi and run the below commands to update and upgrade any outdated packages to their latest version.

sudo apt update -y
sudo apt upgrade -y

It could take some time to complete depending on the number of packages that need to be updated.

Docker provides a convenience script to install Docker non-interactively. You can execute this script to insall docker on your Raspberry Pi easily.

curl -fsSL -o
sudo sh ./

It will take some time to complete depending on your internet speed. Once the installation is complete, you need to add your current user in docker group.

usermod $(whoami) -aG docker

Reboot your Pi and then check the status of docker service.

systemctl status docker

You can also check the docker version using docker version command.

docker version

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