Setup Docker Compose on Raspberry Pi

Docker Compose is a tool for defining and running multi-container Docker applications. With Docker Compose, you can define an application’s services, networks, and volumes in a single file called a docker-compose.yml file, and then start and stop the services with a single command.

Docker Compose allows you to define a specific environment for your application services, with isolated networks and volumes. It provides a single point of management for all your application services, making it easy to start, stop, or inspect the status of all your containers with a single command.

Overall, Docker Compose is a powerful tool that simplifies the process of defining and running multi-container applications. By using Docker Compose, you can focus on writing your application code, while Docker Compose takes care of the underlying infrastructure.

To install Docker Compose on Raspberry Pi, make sure Docker is installed on it. Check it using docker version command.

docker version

If Docker is not installed on the Raspberry Pi, first follow this guide to install it.

To install Docker Compose on the Raspberry Pi, run the below command:

sudo apt install docker-compose -y

It will take some time to install Docker Compose depending upon your internet speed.

Once Docker Compose is installed, you can verify it using docker-compose --version command.

docker-compose --version

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